Why moaning is good for a medical diet

I’ve tried lots of health plans over the decades so in theory I ought to have been prepared for this anti-candida diet.  I arrogantly thought it would be boring but a breeze. Hey, me, I’m healthy, I’m motivated, I’m fortunate to work mostly from home so I can easily control what I eat. It’s been hell. The withdrawal symptoms have been ghastly. And moaning about the whole process is what is helping me stick to the plan.By voicing my feelings I’ve discovered other women in my circle have been through this and reassure me it does get better and it is worth it. They might not have revealed this if I’d put on a front or been secretive.

Craving Digestive biscuits 

I was warned one of the side effects of the diet is getting a cold and I’ve got that now. I’m craving digestive biscuits and the hot Cointreau drink I saw in an ad (or was it my fantasy?).  Yes it’s the change of seasons too from an unusual warm autumn to low temperatures. I’ve given in and rested which is exactly what my body needs.

My taste buds are out of sync and I don’t know any more what I want to eat from what I can eat. I don’t like adding a teaspoon of  coconut oil to smoothies and I can’t stand garlic (both have anti- microbial qualities, ie natural medicine) I don’t like eggs (except in cake) and foodie-me can’t stand  health store substitutes for real ingredients. I’m irritable and frustrated.

Why aren’t I giving up or cheating? For one because I’ve paid a lot of money for tests, supplements and expert advice. I can’t afford to let myself down. And mostly because I’d rather be moan-y than in pain. I’d rather complain about what I can’t eat and must eat than be fearful about how my tummy will behave, I’d rather be frustrated looking at menus than anxious about toilets.

There’s part of our modern culture that demonizes any sentiment other than positivity as negative. But our honest feelings are not negative, they are the truth. Negativity is using truth to stay stuck and to obstruct our wellbeing. So if you are going through some kind of diet: GO COMPLAIN. (And don’t go compare online to see what other versions allow as it can be very confusing. Do your research and choose a practitioner or plan you can trust.)

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