Simple lessons in mind body and the spirit of eating

Sunshine carved fruit at Baros, Maldives
Sunshine carved fruit at Baros, Maldives

After three decades in journalism I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt:

Review your eating habits every few years

In other words don’t get into a rut, even if it’s a healthy rut. Our lifestyles change, our bodies change, our needs change.  

Keep up to date with science

Our lives are constantly evaluated by scientists and we can learn from them. Nutritional science can help ward off disease and even help cure it.  If there is a scientific reason to stop eating or start eating a particular food, know it.

Have regular medical check-ups and tests

Even if yours is a holistic /complementary medicine lifestyle, don’t dismiss Western medical science. Always have the full medical analysis of any condition so you know what your baseline is. Then explore other treatments.

Seek different views

You don’t go to one shop to buy your wardrobe, so why listen to only one view on your body? You look around for clothes and make up, so why not take the same time for your body? Your doctor says eat this way, a dietician might say eat that way, a nutritionist may have another view, and a personal trainer yet another.  Or they may all agree on some points. Find what works for you.

Choose carefully

There are a lot of charlatans out there and a lot of people and organisations out to make money from insecurities, particularly when it comes to weight and looks. I have met diet gurus who themselves have weight issues. I’ve had so-called tests that had no medical foundation whatsoever and were geared to selling expensive treatments. Take your time to find authentic experts who can truly advise and help you.

Revamp your lifestyle like your home or wardrobe

Consider exercise, hobbies, daily routines, your social life and the effect on your body. Try something new. Try something you thought you hated. You get bored wearing the same clothes so why would your body not be bored with the same routine?

Find joy in eating

The happiest people I’ve met are not dieters consumed with not consuming, nor are they health police monitoring their every mouthful and looking to have a say on everybody else’s eating too.  I love to be around foodies because of the joy of eating and the appreciation of cooking.  I’m not talking about compulsive or mindless eating as there’s no joy in this. A knowledge and awareness of what we eat leads to appreciation, and ultimately joy. The simplest sunshine foods like watermelons and melons can make us smile.

Travel with foodies

Travelling with dieters (especially secret ones) is miserable. Travelling with healthistas can be challenging. Travelling with foodies is a constant adventure. The quest for the next dish ignites every travel sense. Foodies are focused on the positive. Dieters are focused on not eating and healthistas are focused on what not to eat.  Let’s enjoy the world and what it has to offer.

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